WICA Third Quarter Newsletter

Finally, Back Together!
WICA Annual Convention

After several cancellations due to COVID-19, we were happy to see such a great turnout at this year’s Western Insulation Contractors Association (WICA) Annual Convention. The convention offered WICA members a chance to reunite and network at The Phoenician Resort in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. More than 70 guests attended the convention this year despite the heightened Arizona temperatures.

During the convention, attendees laughed with keynote speaker Dave Mitchell, founder of The Leadership Difference, Inc., who spoke about the power of understanding people and how to apply that power. During a seminar hosted by Vaughn Baker, president of Strategos International, attendees learned how to be better prepared for an active shooter.

The highlight of the convention was the president’s reception and dinner honoring Rick Sutphin’s last year as WICA president. During the dinner, Sutphin presented an award of appreciation to Ken Gritter for his dedication and commitment to the WICA Board. Ken is leaving the board after 15 years of service—including WICA Board President in 2012.

When attendees weren’t attending seminars, they sampled tequila at a tasting station, met Sophie the “beer burro,” played in a golf tournament, went on a Hummer tour in the desert, and examined the night sky with a local professional astronomer, who was the hit of the night.


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We are looking forward to our 2022 WICA Convention on September 25-27, 2022, at Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa in La Jolla, California.


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WICA Labor Update

The WICA-WSC Labor Management Committee met in-person this month for the first time in over a year. The committee reviewed several items currently impacting the Western United States, chief among them the varying COVID-19 vaccine policies, the impact of these policies, and the struggles contractors have in manning and completing projects. 

Discussion points: The committee discussed the federal mandate and several states’ requirements. They also reviewed the speculation about a forthcoming OSHA standard. Clearly a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for the entire conference, but the committee agreed it would have a negative impact on the union’s market share. 

HFIAW vaccinated members: As of October 1, 2021, The WSC locals report the HFIAW local percentage of vaccinated members are: 

    • Local 5-So-Cal: 50%
    • Local 7-Washington/Alaska: 75%
    • Local 16-Nor-Cal: less than 50%
    • Local 28-Colorado: 50%
    • Local 36-Oregon: Not reported
    • Local 69-Salt Lake City, Idaho: between 40 to 50%
    • Local 73-Arizona: 15 to 20%
    • Local 76-New Mexico: 75%
    • Local 132-Hawaii: Not reported
    • Local 135-Nevada: 40%

WSC Apprenticeship Programs: There was also a great deal of discussion around the WSC Apprenticeship Programs and the varying success each Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) was having in training and recruiting apprentices into the trade. 

The HFIAW is in the process of developing a survey that would assess each of the JAC training programs and help identify any potential weaknesses that existed with tools to improve the overall program. Local JAC board of trustees will have to request the assessment for this comprehensive review. For more information, please contact Robert Bergman of WICA or Mel Breshears, HFIAW International Vice President.

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WICA Leadership Training

The WICA foreman training program has officially been fully revised. The new program includes some of the “soft skills” our field leaders need in today’s marketplace but still includes the key training sections:

    • Planning and Scheduling
    • Changes to Scope of Work
    • Paperwork
    • Productivity

Kathy Crosby presented an overview of the training the WICA-WSC LM committee, which included the Future Leaders training, two full days of training focused on new mechanics and late-year apprentice classes, and Advanced Leadership Skills, two full days of training for seasoned foremen. 

In early October, the Future Leaders Training was offered in the Local 16 Apprenticeship Program, and all the reviews are exceptional. If you would like to schedule a training or request additional information, please contact Robert Bergman at the WICA office.

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From Greg Clarke, President of Insulation Systems:
I am very pleased to announce that Jo Anne Janney has accepted the position of General Manager for the Performance Materials business within Insulation Systems. Performance Materials includes our Mechanical, HVAC, OEM and Industrial insulation channels. She will be taking over for Dave Skelly, who relocated to Virginia in August and will be retiring from JM during the first quarter of 2022 after 40 years with JM. Jo Anne will begin the transition to her new role immediately and will work side-by-side with Dave over the coming months to ensure a smooth change in leadership.

Jo Anne started her career in the JM Engineering Management Development Program, which subsequently led to a field sales role before growing into leadership roles in marketing, retail and product management in both the Building Insulation and Performance Materials businesses. Her career has spanned more than 28 years at JM, with 14 years of experience directly in the mechanical, industrial and OEM channels.
Jo Anne has proven to be a strategic leader who can express a vision for our organization and motivate JM team members and customers. I’m confident her long history at JM and deep knowledge of our business will position her to be highly successful leading our Performance Materials business.
Jo Anne and her husband Frank, who has also been with JM for 28 years, are based in Denver with their children Grace, Jack and Caitlyn.
Please join me in congratulating Jo Anne on her promotion.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022
WICA Southern California Golf Tournament
Tustin Ranch Golf Club, Tustin CA


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