Two Phased Leadership Program – this is not a class, this is a growth experience!

NEW Future Leaders Training

(Level 1)

  • For late term apprentices, new journeyman or new mechanics
  • Help build soft skills like self-awareness and interpersonal skills
  • Learn the process of a construction project
  • Two-day program
  • Class limited to 20-25 people
  • $5750 plus travel expenses

Advanced Leadership Skills

(Level 2)

  • For experienced foreman
  • Learn planning, scheduling, change orders, documentation, and productivity
  • Learn interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Two-day program
  • Class limited to 20-25 people
  • $5750 plus travel expenses

Both programs include:

  • Understanding Yourself & Understanding Others
  • Understanding the Responsibilities and Accountabilities of a Field Foreman
  • The Key to Success
  • DISC Profile Assessment
  • Strategies for handling conflict
  • Discipline & Corrective Action
  • Effective Communication
  • Understanding the responsibilities and accountabilities of Field Leaders
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Cost & Controls, Cost of a “man-hour”
  • Material Handling & Tools
  • Documentation, Request for Information, Budget & Cost Tracking, Daily Reports, Delays
  • Productivity, Crew size, concurrent operations, logistics, Fatigue, Seasonal-Weather
  • Safety
  • Mentoring

“The foreman controls the biggest risk in the company– labor.   Arm them with information and skills to help them be successful running your projects.”